Patriots replaced Gronk with four-headed running back monstah

The Patriots are missing Rob Gronkowski in the playoffs. That doesn’t mean they forgot to find their new Gronk for the playoffs.

No, they didn’t find another tight end superstah to flank Martellus Bennett. They decided a create a different kind of mismatch-creating monstah.

Cousins will get paid, but the Redskins need to keep from giving him too many millions. He isn’t exactly Brock Osweiler or Jay Cutler, but he’s still a lot closer to the muddled middle of mediocrity than the truly elite.

The Redskins were reminded of that in the hardest way Sunday. That should make them a lot more uneasy about the money they’re about to spend.

What Rodgers has done statistically through the first 15 is pretty incredible: 351-for-550 passing (63.8 completion percentage), 4,172 yards, 33 touchdowns, nine interceptions, 100.1 passer rating; 42 rushes, 228 yards, three touchdowns.

That’s an All-Pro season in the postseason. The passer rating it’self is the stuff of near-legend. The NFL’s career playoff passer rating leaders:

As mentioned, he would be a three-time champ and move to No. 3 in playoff wins. He, too, would go down as one of the game’s greatest winners, an impressive feat considering he has never been considered, in most circles, the No. 1 quarterback among his contemporaries.

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