Paul George’s late-game miss against the Cavaliers is nothing new

Paul George got on his teammate, C.J. Miles, after he did not give the ball back to the Pacers’ All-Star on the final possession of Indiana’s Game 1 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Given his history with last-minute shots, the outcome may not have been any different.

George came up empty on a potential game-tying three late in the Pacers’ series-ending 106-102 Game 4 loss to the Cavaliers on Sunday. With that miss, the All-Star forward fell to just 2-of-32 all-time on potential game-tying or go-ahead shots in the final 15 seconds in both the regular season and the playoffs, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

George’s latest miss came with Indiana’s playoff livelihood at stake. Down three after a wonky possession, the All-Star forward got a clean look at the rim. He got all glass.

The Pacers are fishing now after Cleveland swept them on Sunday. It marked LeBron James’ 21st consecutive win in the first-round of the playoffs. James dealt with late-game woes earlier on in his career, as well.

If they say it wasn’t about eliminating Crosby, the Capitals are liars. And if that sounds like an unfair accusation to make of the Capitals, then please consider my decade of experience covering a sport I love and a league I really, really, really want to give the benefit of the doubt.

I’ll let you have a minute get over the fact that a paid writer wrote those words with seemingly complete sincerity. After all, it’s hard to distinguish someone’s tone from words alone. Good thing Rossi was on video twice on Monday talking about — and to — Capitals head coach Barry Trotz.

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