NFL Draft rumors: Bears front office didn’t tell coaches about Mitchell Trubisky pick

The Bears trading up to the No. 2 pick from the No. 3 pick to select Mitchell Trubisky surprised a lot of people, and it was a surprise to Chicago’s coaching staff as well.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said Friday on “NFL Insiders” that general manager Ryan Pace and chairman George McCaskey knew they wanted the North Carolina quarterback, but didn’t tell coach John Fox until about an hour before the selection was made.

Naturally, Bears fans should be a little nervous about Trubisky’s prospects in the NFL. The former North Carolina quarterback is expected to need a lot of grooming, having started just 13 games in college. Still, booing a top pick in his first public appearance? That’s a little bush league.

Fans base booed Mitch Trubisky at the Bulls game? That’s pathetic and embarrassing. Kid just wants to help the Bears and fans boo? Sad.

“If the coaches say it to the media or they know what they’re talking about, then I’ll listen to what you guys have to say,” Trubisky said. “But unless it doesn’t come from the coaches, I know how to block that out. I’m going to stick to what I know and what I do and just continue to learn from the coaches and the rest of these players in the league.

“But yeah, a lot of people got a lot of things to say, but it doesn’t necessarily help you.”

Trubisky isn’t the first draft pick to get booed and taunted by his own fans. Eagles fans booed Donovan McNabb when the team selected him second overall in the 1999 draft. In the NBA, many would-be stars have felt the wrath of fans: Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Steve Nash, and most recently Kristaps Porzingis were all booed on draft night. It’s safe to say they proved the fans wrong.

Trubisky will have every opportunity to do the same.

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